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We offer a range of different edibles, from beginner user to Everyday indulger. Stop by or call to ask one of our budtenders any questions you may have! 

A few Fan Favourites!

A Quick Outline of Brands we Carry

Green Pheonix.jpeg

Green Pheonix

Offered in a 500mg Pack, these edibles are made with Full Spectrum RSO. Great brand if you've never tried them before.

500mg - $30


Tasty THC

Packed with 480mg of THC and 40mg of CBD for the pack, these gummies are best bang for your buck! Available in Indica, Sativa & Hybrid.

$15 Per Pack.


High Dose

We carry two strengths of High Dose edibles. Low Gear (200mg), and High Gear (1600mg). Both offer great flavours and an even better buzz! 

200mg - $20
1600mg - $65

King Louis.jpeg

King Louis Fat Cats

A 200mg Distillate gummy that boasts flavour and buzz. Great for a solo adventure or to help get you into that creative headspace you're looking for.

$20 Per Pack.

twisted extracts logo.png

Twisted Extracts

Zzz Bombs, Jelly Bombs, Cara-Melts & Jelly Bites are all products made by Twisted Extracts and we carry them all!

Zzz Bombs & Jelly Bombs - 80mg - $10 each.
Cara-Melts - 80 mg - 
$10 each.
Jelly Bites - 500mg - $30 each.


Mary Janerd's Reese Cups

2 Delicious Reese's Peanut Butter Cups with 600mg of extract per cup. Talk about a trip to the moon! 

1200mg for ONLY $25. 


Trips Ahoy!

Trips Ahoy! Cookies are for the more experienced users. They carry 2 x 250mg cookies in the bag at the price of $20 per pack. 

This is just a few brands we carry, stop by and see us to check out our full selection! 

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